Kremlin navy & air force as Russia ‘prepares for deadly INVASION’

Russia military on marching parade

Lord West said the West must show it has “powerful forces” it would be ready to use (Getty)


VLADIMIR Putin is throwing billions of pounds at his navy and air force as Russia’s military prepares to launch a major invasion, according to a former top British officer.

Much of the Russian armed forces was inherited from the Soviet-era in the 1970s and 1980s and has recently been the target of increased spending from the Kremlin.

And Admiral Lord West, the ex-head of the navy, now fears Moscow could be building up to more campaigns abroad, despite its struggling economy.

He said: “They have completely modernised their force. They are much more dangerous now. We have to wonder what’s going on.”

He added that Vladimir Putin “understands power” and the West must show it has “powerful forces” it would be ready to use.

However another expert, analyst Alex Kokcharov, claims the military might of Russia is still made up of little more than rusting hardware.

He said the West should have nothing to fear from the former superpower as while the armed forces may have been extensively upgraded, many elements remain outdated.

“Russia will only become involved in small military operations like Georgia and Ukraine.

“Putin and the Kremlin know large numbers of bodies will damage Putin’s credibility. There will be no large-scale conflicts.”

Full article: Kremlin navy & air force as Russia ‘prepares for deadly INVASION’ (Express)

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