China already moving to test Trump

Threatening to penalize US automaker, fortifying South China Sea islets

BEIJING — Eager to see how Donald Trump backs up his hard-line rhetoric, the Chinese government is taking steps to elicit responses from the U.S. president-elect on the economic and foreign policy fronts.

An official of the National Development and Reform Commission has revealed that an unnamed U.S. automaker is to be fined for instructing dealerships in China to fix prices, according to the English-language newspaper China Daily. Trump has responded by meeting with Wilbur Ross, his pick for commerce secretary.

A transition team spokesperson on Wednesday highlighted the president-elect’s stance of fighting for American businesses and employment. Trump could react strongly against the fine.

Separately, China has apparently deployed large pieces of air defense equipment to all seven artificial islets it has constructed in the Spratly Islands area. With satellite photo analysis by the U.S.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies underscoring continuing efforts to install military hardware there, some say Beijing is preparing to declare an air defense identification zone in the South China Sea.


Full article: China already moving to test Trump (Nikkei Asian Review)

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