World War 3 Update: Serbia Permits Russia to Deploy Military Measures, NATO Worried


While World War 3 speculations seem to indicate the deterioration in Europe and Russia relations, an invite from Serbia to Russian military authorities for moving “lethal devices” in the country indicates something different.

Recently, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic asked Russia to move its military equipment within the nation. Moscow accepted the invitation and is preparing to shift its defensive measure in Serbia. The nation is considered the heart of Europe. Hence, an invitation from it to Russia seems to be worrying NATO. Europe, which is a vital part of NATO, was waiting for Serbia to join the alliance but a sudden effort made by the European country towards bonding with Russia might be a sign of the commencement of World War 3.

World War 3: Serbia to Support Russia or NATO

Dacic announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted the request. According to reports, Russia will station C-400 missile systems with huge nuclear capabilities in Serbia. Despite the heart of Europe showing a soft spot for Russia, the European Union is expecting Serbia to enter the alliance. “We have asked the Russian side to transmit lethal devices and some other types of equipment relating to other units of the army,” The Sun quoted Dacic as saying.

The stationing of nuclear capable C-400 in Serbia has been panicking news for NATO. The alliance is worried as this will affect the trustworthiness of Europe as one of its nation is inclining towards the rival nation that might be its opponent in World War 3.

Full article: World War 3 Update: Serbia Permits Russia to Deploy Military Measures, NATO Worried (Australian Network News)

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