NATO WARNING: Ships sent to HUNT DOWN Russian submarines ready to STRIKE US & French fleet

And now, for a glimpse into how insanely unprepared America and the West is for a real war against Russia. This is but one of many examples where military technology and systems are out-dated, out-matched and out-gunned, or simply non-existent.

Everyday Americans have no clue as it’s business as usual with their 9-to-5 jobs and following their favorite NFL team or the Kardashians.


Nato is searching for two potentially dangerous Russian submarines


NATO ships and aircraft are desperately hunting for two deadly Russian cruise-missile submarines amid fears the fleet was ready to strike French and US aircraft in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Fears for the safety of French carrier Charles de Gaulle and US craft USS Eisenhower have increased following reports that two Russian Oscar-II submarines are shadowing the aircraft carriers in the waters off the coast of war torn Syria.

Both carriers have been launching air strikes against the brutal Islamic State regime while a Russian flotilla of warships has been operating in the same area.

Military sources claim several Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), including US Navy P-8 Poseidon jets, have been sent to the area to try and locate the submarines.

A massive hide-and-seek style mission is now underway in the hope of avoiding conflict in the region.

However, Nato’s chances of finding the Russian subs are slim following news that Nato forces have not developed their submarine hunting technology since the end of the Cold War.

Britain now has no sub-hunting aircraft while several Royal Navy ships are close to being decommissioned.

US forces are also using outdated technology and equipment to hunt for submarines and the huge Russian subs, equipped with numerous missiles, could prove a difficult to find.

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