EU and Russia on the brink of WAR as Kremlin official blames Brussels for ‘VISA GENOCIDE’

Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014


TENSIONS between the EU and Putin are at breaking point as a Kremlin official labelled the Brussels ban on issuing visas to Russians living in the Crimea as “visa genocide”.

Putin’s deputy foreign minister has slammed Eurocrats for making ordinary Russians hostages to a Western political agenda and claimed the move is a violation of human rights.

Aleksey Meshkov said: “Today, I raised the question about the visa genocide of Crimean residents, and I raised it in a very harsh way.

“Because it is not right to make 2.5million people hostages of their [European] political objectives and demand that they change the citizenship that they had once accepted. This is nonsense.”

Following a meeting with new deputy general of the European External Action Service Jean-Christophe Belliard, Meshkov added: “One thing is to accept or not accept the evident fact that Crimea had reunited with Russia, and another thing is the life of ordinary people who understandingly chose Russian citizenship and received Russian passports.”

Ukraine risks a “frightening and undesirable” war with Russia after plans were announced to launch missiles over the Black Sea – territory that Russia now claims as its own after the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Full article: EU and Russia on the brink of WAR as Kremlin official blames Brussels for ‘VISA GENOCIDE’ (Express)

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