Dawn of EU Pentagon: Brussels to build defence agency run by politicians playing soldiers

Donald Trump has called for Europe to take on more of NATO’s funding


AN OBSCURE defence agency could play a key role in greater military cooperation as the European Union pushes on with plans for an EU army.

Although virtually unknown, the European Defence Agency could be a vital element if the EU hopes to forge tighter defence links in the future.

Currently, the organisation has a relatively tiny budget, staff of just 130 people, and is run by diplomats not military chiefs.

But there have been suggestions the EDA could become the European equivalent of the Pentagon – the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence.

But the increase is the first for the agency since 2010, and comes as the EU pushes forward with other efforts to ramp up military spending – including establishing an EU defence fund.

And with the push for more military cooperation, the EDA is expected to gain new relevance new importance and most importantly new powers.

Plans drawn up by Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, will give it a central role in boosting efficiency and increasing the capability of European defence systems.

A spokesperson said: “The European Commission is ready to play an active role in fostering European defence cooperation.

“Europe’s soft power is not enough in the long run without at least some integrated defence capacities.”

While Brussels bigwig Jean-Claude Juncker has shamelessly admitted he is determined his plans for the bloc’s own army would still go ahead.

He said: “We need more security in Europe, and I do not mean just the fight against terrorism.

“Talking about security, we need a different way of organising a European defence.”

“We have a lot to thank the Americans for, but they won’t look after Europe’s security for ever. We have to do this ourselves.”

“We need a new approach to building a European security union with the end goal of establishing a European army.”

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