World War 3 Update: UK Still Fearful, Plans Sending Missiles to Russian Border

Putin has already indicated that the regular launch of the missiles and drills are not because the nation has been planning to attack the NATO members or the rival countries. It was just a preparation by the Russians to ensure the nation’s security. He added that Russia’s security is much more important for them rather than attacking rival nations.

But Britain hardly seems to trust the Russian president’s word and hence it continues to plan military measures seeing the rising power of Russia. According to the latest updates, the UK is all set to deploy Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems or GMLRS batteries on Russia-Estonia border. In addition, the nation is also making plans to launch drones, Challenger 2 tanks and RAF Typhoon jets on the border to make sure it could successfully counter Russian attacks.

This is the first time since the Cold War that the UK has planned to deploy an arsenal of long range missiles after seeing Russia’s time to time deployment of military measures. However, it is being estimated that Britain will send rockets to the border in 2017. This speculation has come following Putin’s alleged attempt to invade the UK because of the escalating tension in Baltic region.

The reports have suggested that NATO is assembling military forces in the Baltic State as the members believe that Putin is planning to conquer Europe in the few hours. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, according to Daily Star Online, has confirmed the news of the deployments of the technical devices to counter attack Russia if it initiated World War 3.

Full article: World War 3 Update: UK Still Fearful, Plans Sending Missiles to Russian Border (Aussie News Network)

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