Russian banks suffer wave of DDoS attacks

Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that numerous Russian banks have been suffering a wave of DDoS attacks.

According to Russian media, five banks in the country have been subject to a swathe of DDoS attacks over the past few days. The state-owned Sberbank was one of them, and Kaspersky Lab said in a statement that the attacks were among the largest it had seen aimed at Russian banks.

There are numerous theories flying around about why these attacks are happening, and it’s important to mention they are unsubstantiated rumours at best, but Vice has a theory that it may have been happening due to  “people who were dissatisfied with possible Russian intervention in the presidential elections in the United States.”

Russian-speaking news website Meduza says this is, “only a “demonstration of the possibilities,” and its causes are purely economic.”

The DDoS attacks began on 8 November, continuing intermittently; most of the attacks have only lasted roughly 60 minutes. The most persistent attack went on for almost 12 hours according to Kaspersky Lab.

At the peak of the biggest attacks, it reached 660,000 requests a second, for this reason, security experts believe the hackers carrying out these attacks are using a botnet of hacked Internet of Things devices.

A spokesperson for Sberbank told, “Sberbank announces that starting from the second half of the day on November 10, the Sberbank Online web resource was subject to a powerful multiple DDoS attack, which continued for several hours. The attack was successfully repelled by the Bank’s security systems. There was a slight slowdown in providing the service, ranging from several seconds to a minute. The Bank did not identify any service failures as a result of the attack.”

According to a statement from Sberbank, the attacks have not had any effect on the bank’s operations, highlighting that this attack was one of 68 DDoS attacks this year, but this was ranked one of the biggest it had ever seen.

The names of the other banks that were hit have not been released but all are believed to be among the 10 biggest in Russia.

Full article: Russian banks suffer wave of DDoS attacks (SC Magazine UK)

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