Has George Soros Committed Treason?

“His only legitimacy is his wallet.”
The press prostitutes continue to lie to us. They pretend that the anti-Trump protests are real spontaneous events although the prostitutes know that the “protests” are orchestrated by George Soros and front groups for the Oligarchy such as change.org and other fake progressive groups funded by the oligarchs.

Soros, change.org and various progressive and leftwing fronts for the oligarchs pretend to be for democracy, but they are acting in behalf of Oligarchy. We are witnessing a direct attack on American democracy. These protesters are the hired mercenary enemy of the American people.
Below is one of the emails I rec’d regarding immediate organizing to get rid of Trump. JWJ is Jobs for Justice serving Massachusetts with the main group in Boston and the subsidiary in western MA. You appear to be correct, because I rec’d the notice below the day following the election and election results were not even in until 3:00 a.m. Moveon.org was/is behind this one. Moveon.org is link under 3rd local event.
Dear JWJ and allies,
If you were like me, today was a hard day to get up.  Donald Trump is the president-elect, and last night Republicans took the House, the Senate, and thus the Supreme Court.  This is a terrible situation for humanity, let alone the workers’ movement and our ability to expand organizing and collective bargaining rights.  And yet, there is no time to really brood about it.  We are called to take immediate action.
In these most difficult of political moments, we have to come together and stand stronger.  Never has the “I ‘ll Be There” pledge been more necessary than today.

Full article: Has George Soros Committed Treason? (Strategic Culture Foundation)

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