North Korea May Provide It’s Own Election Day Bombshell

  • Military officials suggest that the North may attempt another launch one of its Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), a potential threat to U.S. forces in Guam.
  • The American strategic assets stationed in Guam could be used to back up U.S. and South Korean troops on the Korean peninsula were the North to attack its southern neighbor.
  • South Korea’s military noted that Pyongyang may want to present a show of force to demonstrate that it will continue its nuclear and ballistic missile programs despite pressure from the U.S. and the international community.

“Doing a major test would be a way of trying to intimidate the incoming president,” Victor Cha, senior adviser and Korea chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, previously told CNN, “North Korea chooses particular windows that they know will gain maximum attention from the world, and the US in particular.”

North Korea has historically attempted to stir up trouble around U.S. elections, CNN explained, citing a recent CSIS study on North Korea and its provocations.

“We are closely watching every move by the North Korean military at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site and other possible missile-launching sites. The military is fully prepared to respond to any provocative acts by the North,” an official from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) revealed to reporters.

ROK JCS Chairman Gen. Lee Sun-jin told troops to arm themselves with a “fight tonight” spirit.

Full article: North Korea May Provide It’s Own Election Day Bombshell (TruNews)

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