War & Economics – Just Follow the Money

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have pointed out that both Republicans and Democrats have voted for wars and they really seem to have no differences on this issue. You have said they use the social issues to distinguish themselves, but war and economics they seem to always agree. Do you have any insight on this phenomenon?


War is first and foremost a profitable racket. Even Lyndon Johnson admitted the Vietnamese never attacked us to start that war. He commented that for all he knew they were shooting at whales that night. This is how they line their pockets and wash their hands in the blood of our boys who are told the same sort of lies as the terrorist organizations. OK, they are not expecting a herd of virgins, but they are told that they are fighting for God and country. During World War II, Japanese kamikaze pilots were told the Emperor was God and they would be the divine wind that protected Japan — so they should crash planes into the American ships.

Just follow the money. When Trump said no more “nation building,” the military called him dangerous because they might not be able to start wars by playing with their toys.

Full article: War & Economics – Just Follow the Money (Armstrong Economics)

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