‘Russia WILL invade Lithuania’ Leaders tell people to prepare for guerrilla war on streets

LITHUANIA is preparing for an imminent all out attack by Russia.

The Lithuanian government is so alarmed it has printed a mass-circulation pamphlet advising citizens on how best to strike back at a Russian occupying force with lightning guerrilla war tactics.

The 75-page guide, which has been distributed to 30,000 people, explains how to become an insurgent if Putin’s forces attack the country from the East.

Tiny Lithuania would offer almost no battlefield resistance to Putin aggression – the only way for citizens to react would be a long drawn-out insurgency.

It is unknown how NATO might respond but experts believe Russian president Vladimir Putin is more than capable of gambling the west would not react militarily – which has led to the Lithuaniain government taking precautions.

The manual says: “It is important that civilians have the will the resist, this will make it more difficult for the aggressor country to feel comfortable.”

Those capable of waging undercover combat are told to wear a balaclava and layers of clothing to deal with the cold and use the sun to tell the time as well as make a homemade battery out of household items.

The government-issued guide explains that Lithuanians should carry condoms, energy bars and wet wipes with them at all times in case they find themselves hiding in a forest.

It goes on to explain how Russia could take over the former Soviet state by infiltrating the media and winning over Russian sympathisers before full-scale invasion.

The guide, distributed to thousands living in the Baltic state, even tells Lithuanians how to identify Russian military vehicles – explaining the difference between T-90 tanks and BMD-4 amphibious infantry carriers as well as listing dozens of different guns, mines and shells currently being used by the Russian army.

Full article: ‘Russia WILL invade Lithuania’ Leaders tell people to prepare for guerrilla war on streets (Express)

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