Will N Korea Surgical Strike Be Obama’s October Surprise?

The nations of China, South Korea and the United States have a unique perspective in common in recent weeks:  all of them have called for surgical military strikes on the reclusive Communist nation of North Korea, in response to their advance in nuclear buildup.

(TRUNEWS Vero Beach, FL) – Calls for “surgical strikes” against North Korean nuclear facilities have gained ground recently along with calls for more stringent sanctions, despite many observers expressing skepticism that neither South Korea nor the United States have the political will to pursue such a military option.

According to Yonhap News:

The navies of South Korea and the United States have conducted long-range strike exercises against North Korea’s nuclear facilities during an ongoing joint drill as the communist regime escalates its saber-rattling, Seoul’s military said Tuesday.

In the six-day joint naval maneuvers that will run through Saturday, the allies have applied the concept of “Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation” (KMPR) to improve striking capabilities of ship-to-ground missiles on top of the usual anti-ship and anti-air exercises, a defense ministry official said.

Yonhap also reported:

Pre-emptive strikes against North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities are an option if there are signs of an imminent nuclear strike by Pyongyang, South Korea’s military said Monday.

Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun made the remarks during a press briefing when he was asked about how Seoul planned to cope with the North’s evolving nuclear and missile treats, as well as growing calls for such a move in the United States.


TRUNEWS recently reported that Chinese scholars and policymakers have begun talking about supporting surgical strikes on North Korea and removal of leader Kim Jong-un from power as a policy option, a Chinese professor said Thursday.

Zhe Sun, China initiative director of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, made the remark during a security forum in Washington, saying debates are under way among Chinese opinion leaders about how to deal with the North.

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