War Cycle on Target – Sad to Say



All indications are now pointing to war between the USA and Russia. It appears the powers that be in Washington fear a Trump victory and he would end nation building. The military needs to start a war now because if Trump were elected, he would not go along with this mess. Even Russian TV is talking about war in the aftermath of the collapse of cease-fire efforts in Syria. As the Obama Administration and Russia accused each other of sinking diplomacy, and Moscow is now increasing its military presence on all fronts moving nuclear weapons to the border with Poland and throughout the Baltic regions as well as in the in the Mediterranean, All nuclear agreements have been suspended for which Obama won the Noble Peace Prize if you really believe that BS for his nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Russian prime-time news is warning that the U.S. wants to provoke a conflict. I cannot say Russia is wrong. It is indeed the Obama Administration that appears hell-bent on starting war.

The Obama administration has suggested that further Russian actions in Syria could amount to war crimes and it is clearly setting the stage for a Trump victory to be called a fraud and blame shifted to Putin for disrupting the U.S. election. Cyber Attacks have now been listed as an act of war both in the USA and in NATO in an effort to justify military action. Mikhail Gorbachev  has even come out of retirement and stated publicly: “The world has got to a dangerous phase,” in an interview with state news service RIA Novosti on Monday.

This gives me no pleasure to see this model performing with this degree of accuracy. Obviously, a war with Russia will impact European currencies and send capital fleeing to the dollar fulfilling yet another model.

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