The New World Order

Not to be confused with the “Illuminati” NWO nonsense, which is a Russian red herring, we’re talking about a restructured global leadership and direction based on communism.


Recently the Russian military force deployed an advanced anti-missile system and sophisticated radars over Syria. In doing so, Russia and its allies in Iran and Hezbollah realize the ability of the U.S. to assist the rebel groups in Aleppo is severely limited. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, may not know what Aleppo is, but for anyone following current events this city of 250,000 is now a “killing field.”

Russian bombs have converted this “hold out” city of Sunnis into the contemporary Cologne of World War II. And all that Secretary Kerry can say is we will cancel further talks with the Russians. A U.N. aid convoy was bombed during the so-called ceasefire and there was barely a murmur of disapproval from the international press corps. Russian forces are engaged in a blitzkrieg – all out destruction of those rebels opposed to Assad. Admittedly some of those in the opposition are ISIS supporters, but Russian bombs are intended for any group opposed to Assad.

There came a time, only a decade ago, when Israel had regional air superiority. That claim can certainly be questioned today. Israel may be able to defend herself against most threats, but when Russian air power is put into the equation and the U.S. sits on the sidelines accepting the new world order, threat assessments have changed.

In the newly emerging world order the United States is in seeming withdrawal. Some have described the conditions as war fatigue, others claim U.S. policy is a reflection of the arc of history- a movement away from American dominance. On one matter there cannot be any doubt: the Russians have filled the vacuum. There is undeviating aggression in Putin’s leadership. He knows what he wants and he knows, as well, that he doesn’t have to fear American resistance. As a consequence, the new world order is coming into focus with Russia in the ascendency and the U.S. in descent.

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