Russia sends cruise missile ships to Mediterranean

The Russian Buyan-M corvette Zelyony Dol, seen returning from the Mediterranean in September. (Russian Ministry of Defence)


Three Russians warships, including two armed with long-range land-attack cruise missiles, have been sent to the Mediterranean.

Russia’s TASS news agency reported on 5 October that the Black Sea Fleet’s Buyan-M class corvettes Serpukhov and Zelyony Dol had left their home port of Sevastopol on 4 October and were en route to the Mediterranean.

A day later TASS reported that the Nanuchka-III class (Project 1234) missile corvette Mirazh had sailed from Sevastopol for the Mediterranean.

“In the Mediterranean Sea, the Serpukhov and Zelyony Dol are set to join the permanent operational task force in the distant maritime zone on a planned rotational basis,” TASS quoted Russian Black Sea Fleet spokesman Nikolai Voskresensky as saying.

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