Chinese rank US as ‘top threat’: survey

Chinese people believe the United States is the “top threat” facing their country, a poll showed Wednesday, with most suspecting the world’s number one economy of trying to “prevent China from becoming an equal power”.

A survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Center revealed 45 percent of Chinese consider US power and influence to be a “major threat” — more than economic instability (35 percent), climate change (34 percent) and the Islamic State (15 percent).

However, half of the 3,154 respondents in the survey had a “favourable opinion” of the US — including 60 percent of those aged between 18 and 34.

The vast majority of Chinese (75 percent) believe their own country plays “a more important role in world affairs” than a decade ago, compared with only 21 percent of Americans, 23 percent of Europeans and 68 percent of Indians.

However, this confidence in China’s international stature contrasts with a growing sense of unease among many, the survey showed, with about three-quarters of respondents saying their “way of life needs to be protected against foreign influence” — up from 64 percent in 2002.

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