Russia’s Newest Nuclear Submarine Arrives in Pacific Ocean

Now the Russian Pacific Fleet has announced the arrival of its latest nuclear submarine, Vladimir Monomakh, to its new permanent deployment base in the far-eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. The peninsula has access to the Sea of Okhotsk, shared between Russia and Japan and the Bering Sea, shared by U.S. and Russia.

Special facilities have been set up in Kamchatka for the new generation vessel, which is Russia’s third Borei-class submarine. Another Borei-class submarine is already deployed in Kamchatka, as the Alexander Nevsky vessel made its way there last year.

It is armed with 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, each containing up to 10 warheads.

Full article: Russia’s Newest Nuclear Submarine Arrives in Pacific Ocean (Newsweek)

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