Sweden prepare for WAR: Tanks and 150 soldiers on high alert over ‘Russian threat’


Swedish military on high alert after recieving serious national security threat from Russia


SWEDISH armed forces have been placed on high alert after Russia made a serious threat against the country.

In early September defence chief Nicael Bydén and defence minister Peter Hultqvist warned the threat from the nuclear superpower was growing.

Now the Scandinavian country has deployed soldiers to Gotland island for the first time in a decade.

The reason for the sudden appearance of 150 soldiers and tanks on the southern island off the Swedish coast has been labelled classified and officials are refusing to disclose any more information.

However they declared it was a top secret mission with grave importance for national security.

Swedish politicians confirmed the threat from Russia has increased, but said the details were also being kept secret from the government.

Wilhelm Agrell, professor of intelligence analysis, told DN: “Something has happened in the intelligence picture.”

“The citizens do not know what it is. However, we can see the effects of it.”

“The rapid deployment of forces on Gotland is highly unusual.”

Sweden’s sudden deployment of soldiers to Gotland comes as NATO in February uncovered the Russian military had conducted a nuclear strike against Sweden during a series of war games.

In a NATO report for 2015, Russian jets, during a dummy nuclear attack, approached Swedish airspace and conducted the mock strike.

As Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, disclosed the disturbing information, leaked documents from army chief Anders Brannstrom before a meeting with Swedish defence management said war with Russia could hit the country in a few years.

The report claimed Sweden should be ready for “armed battle against a qualified opponent” after more then 200 years of peace.

Mr Brannstrom said: “The security situation we are currently experiencing leads me to the conclusion that in the course of a few years we might be at war.”

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