YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR: Eastern Europe makes five demands to block EU superstate

THE European Union appeared more fractured than ever today after a powerful group of eastern states laid down a series of demands over migration and the economy.

Members of the influential Visegrad group, which comprises of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, rejected migrant quotas and blasted the overbearing EU Commission with an incendiary ultimatum.

The group represents a faction of nations which have become increasingly concerned by authoritarian Brussels, with Poland and Hungary both locked in bitter legal battles with the EU.

Their demands come after a separate clique of Mediterranean states, including France, Spain and Italy, formed their own interest group to counter the power wielded by Angela Merkel.

The developments are a sign of the spiralling disintegration of the EU which is seeing the bloc fray into a series of powerful factions, each fighting to impose their own interest on bureaucrats in Brussels.

The countries listed five key areas where they feel the European project has gone astray, and included concrete demands from other nations to fix the issues.

The first ultimatum was over the erosion of democracy by the increasingly authoritarian EU Commission, which is swamping member states in thousands of dictatorial laws.

They then moved on to the issue of equality across the union, making a pointed barb that eastern European states feel they are being sidelined by Germany and France over key decision making.

The statement blasted: “European integration is a common project and all negotiations should therefore be inclusive and open to all member states.”

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