Is Merkel about to form a new alliance with Baltics to plug Brexit power vacuum?

DESPERATE Angela Merkel could be looking to forge a new alliance with Baltic nations in a bid to cling on to power in the wake of Brexit.

As EU leaders gathered in Bratislava for a summit on the future of the union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel mooted the idea of a “northern liberal block” to replace Britain’s role and influence, it has been reported.

After the UK voted to leave the superstate, the remaining 27 leaders are searching for a new direction so as not to let the European project stagnate.

Speaking ahead of the summit, Mrs Merkel said: “I think we can overcome Britain’s decision [to leave]. But we have to work hard to do that.

“We have to think about what our priorities are, how we want to continue our work and where we want to make an effort in particular. This is the purpose in Bratislava.”

But she is said to be looking at establishing a new bloc within the union to plug the influential hole Brexit has left.

A northern liberal bloc, possibly formed of the Baltics, could be in the pipeline as Mrs Merkel looks to shore up political support for dealing with the more unruly southern states.

Referred to as the fundamental axis of Europe, the London-Paris-Berlin love affair is officially over, with the leaders setting the new European agenda for the next couple of months in the Slovakian capital.

Full article: Is Merkel about to form a new alliance with Baltics to plug Brexit power vacuum? (Express)

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