‘Free from EU DOMINATED by Germany’ Le Pen promises Frexit and vows to crush radical Islam

THE head of France’s Front National party has promised supporters she would hold a referendum in order to get France out of the European Union.

In a passionate speech the leader of the anti-immigration group kicked off her presidential campaign in Brachay, a small village in the Haute-Marne region, where she also promised she would crush radical Islam and terrorist acts.

Brachay – a far-right stronghold – is where Le Pen won the largest share of votes back in 2012.

The outspoken politician told potential voters she would make an “exceptional” president and called for all French people to “join her” by backing her presidential bid.

Ms Le Pen told far-right followers she would “save France” and be a “free” president.

She added: “Free from money, banks, multinationals, and free from a European Union dominated by Germany”.

In her speech, Le Pen praised the British for having had “the courage to choose their destiny” by voting “leave”.

The president of the Front National party also touched upon one of France’s thorniest issues: the mushrooming of wide-scale terror attacks on French soil, and pledged to destroy all elements of radical Islam.

She said: “The best weapon against terrorism is the ballot.”

Ms Le Pen also suggested that terrorists were hiding among Europe’s migrant population, and said the recently overturned beach burkini bans had led to women being “relegated behind fabrics”.

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