Japan defense forces train to retake island

The annual Japanese military exercise near Mount Fuji used tanks as part of an effort to retake an “island.”


TOKYO — The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s annual large-scale live fire drill Sunday near Mount Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture imagined combined air, sea and land forces retaking a remote island captured by an enemy, an exercise that appeared to have recent Chinese activity around the disputed Senkaku Islands in mind.

The location was regarded as a remote island. F-2 fighter jets from the Air Self-Defense Force made contact and fired anti-ship missiles upon supposed enemy vessels. To capture important positions, helicopter forces conducted reconnaissance and vehicles were dispatched. Ordnance such as mortars and anti-tank weapons were fired before a concentrated armored assault that included the force’s latest tank, the Type 10.

The Mount Fuji exercise has been conducted annually since 1966. Since 2012 it has been premised on defending a remote island.

Full article: Japan defense forces train to retake island (Nikkei Asian Review)

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