Over 20 Years of Warnings

From the Trumpet’s earliest editions, our editor in chief has drawn attention to specific prophetic warnings about race relations in America.

As far back as June 1992, in the wake of the Los Angeles race riots, Gerald Flurry wrote in the Trumpet:

As the economy grows worse, the rioters are going to burn more and more because God’s wrath is upon us! And God is far more wrathful toward the white people in Israel than He is with the black people. The problems are going to intensify until our people repent [of their many sins]! …

The Los Angeles rioting is just a type of what is going to happen to the whole nation! It is a stark prophecy of our future! The rioting and burning is the main thrust of the ‘pestilence’ mentioned in Ezekiel 5. [The word pestilence can be defined as a plague of violence or burning. For more information, request our free book on Ezekiel.] And this rioting is going to spread to other Israelite nations—unless these peoples repent! God is going to get our attention, one way or another.

In 1995, three years after the L.A. race riots, the O. J. Simpson murder trial further exacerbated racial tensions in America by turning a criminal investigation into a reality tv event. In the September-October Trumpet edition, Mr. Flurry wrote:

At a time when crime is out of control, our police departments are being stripped of their power. The Los Angeles Police Department is only leading the way. Satan is destroying the government of the land so he can explode the social bomb of racial hatred to tear us apart! That is easy to do with virtually no effective police department .…

The Los Angeles rioting in 1992 is just a type of what is going to happen to major cities in the whole nation! It is a stark prophecy of our future! The government has lost control. There is a breakdown of law and order. Government authorities asked black sports stars and other leading blacks to plead with their people to stop the L.A. rioting in 1992. That appears to be their main hope for peace! How pathetic! There was virtually no show of governmental force. We are getting dangerously close to social anarchy and chaos!

In 2011, Republicans tried to question Attorney General Eric Holder about Operation Fast and Furious, in which the Obama administration was smuggling assault weapons to drug cartels in Mexico. Holder responded viciously accusing them of being racists for investigating and criticizing the program. This was a scandal of far-reaching magnitude, yet Holder said Republicans only raised alarm because he and President Obama are African-American. Mr. Flurry wrote in the March 2012 Trumpet:

Republican racism has become the battle cry of the radical left—led by the president and his attorney general! Mostly that charge is untrue. But many people are going to believe it is true and act accordingly. As the economy gets worse and people’s emotions become more heated, violent race riots are going to burst on the scene in our large cities.

In April 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, was burning. Riots, looting and fire raged after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a black man who died in police custody. Before it was even revealed what caused the death, protests against the police began. These erupted in riots, where people smashed downtown storefronts and damaged police cars. All this in spite of the fact that the six officers were later found not guilty of any wrongdoing; three of them were even acquitted by a black judge. In the July 2015 Trumpet, Mr. Flurry wrote:

The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2012 after George Zimmerman shot and killed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin. Many BLM activists are resurrecting the violent symbolism and antipolice rhetoric of the Black Panthers. Alicia Garza, a founding member of BLM, says one of her key influences is Assata Shakur—a member of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army who killed a New Jersey state trooper and fled to Cuba for political asylum. After American pop singer Beyoncé Knowles paid tribute to Black Lives Matter during the Super Bowl halftime show last February, Mr. Flurry wrote this, in the May-June 2016 Trumpet:

Like the Black Panthers, the Black Lives Matter movement is also becoming known for its chants comparing American police officers to pigs. ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon’ is one variation used prominently at a rally in Minnesota last year.

“The leaders of this movement are scrutinizing and magnifying the issue of racism among America’s law enforcement officers for evil purposes. They are using it dishonestly to justify some terrifyingly dangerous behavior! They are stirring up emotion and anger—but none of it is intended to solve the problem. They want revolution and war!

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