Merkel must go! German leader met by angry crowd as she visits Prague to speed up EU army

ANGELA Merkel was greeted by furious crowds calling on her to quit when she arrived in the Czech Republic today for a meeting about the migrant crisis.

Fuming protestors waved placards depicting the German Chancellor as Adolf Hitler and chanted the famous slogan “Merkel Muss Weg” – meaning “Merkel Must Go” – in a show of defiance against her migration policies.

The crowds of angry demonstrators all blew loudly on whistles as they denounced Mrs Merkel, who was visiting the central European country for a meeting with its prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

Many voters blame Mrs Merkel directly for the refugee chaos, saying her open invitation for millions of asylum seekers to settle in Germany has brought crisis to their countries.

As a result there has been a growing political revolt against German-led EU migration policies in the region with Austria and Hungary leading calls for a controversial migrant relocation scheme to be scrapped.

Mrs Merkel was in the Czech capital today to discuss deeper defence co-operation between Member States which could eventually lead to the creation of a European Union army.

On rapidly emerging plans for an EU army, Mr Sobotka said: “Certainly the Czech Republic can imagine stronger co-operation in the military area, integration of units, common exercises, and above all securing the capacity to organise operations to support common European foreign policy.”

He added that in his discussion with Mrs Merkel, he had called the project “a possible joint European army”.

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