Japan tells China to stop violating territory in East China Sea

Japan told China on Wednesday its ships must stop violating Japanese territory in the East China Sea after a long-standing maritime row intensified this month.

The admonition came in a meeting between Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

Tensions have waxed and waned though rose this month as Japan grew angry over what it said were numerous incursions into waters around the islets by Chinese ships.

Tokyo has lodged more than two dozen protests through diplomatic channels since August 5, saying there have been repeated “intrusions” by Chinese coastguard vessels.

“I strongly asked him to completely quieten the situation, prevent it from occurring again and improve the overall environment in the East China Sea,” Kishida told reporters after meeting Wang.

At one point Japan reported more than 200 Chinese fishing boats operating near the islands and said there was cooperation between some of them and coastguard vessels.

Kishida quoted Wang as saying that China would control the situation.

Wang, however, in separate remarks to reporters, said he and Kishida had extensive talks but suggested the issue had been blown out of proportion.

“It is related both to the fishing season, but also hyped by the media,” said Wang, a former Chinese ambassador to Japan.

“The situation has now returned to normal.”

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