‘EU is a DICTATORSHIP’ Furious campaigners want to move German state to PUTIN’S RUSSIA

ANGRY residents of a region in Germany have lashed out at the European Union ‘dictatorship’ and launched a petition to move the state to Russian rule.

The petition calls for fellow Saxons to join the campaign to exit Angela Merkel’s nation.

In a statement, the group, known as the Pro-Putin Party, said: “As we have repeatedly and constantly experienced, there is nothing the EU dictatorship committee would recoil from!

“The imminent ban on freedom of expression and the prohibition of demonstrations means we are running out of time! Tomorrow we will live in a dictatorship!”

Coinciding with the sister petition “We call for a referendum – a German Russian Federation”, René Reimann is behind the campaign.

Over the 300 people have so far signed up to the petition claiming they have suffered under German rule.

Up until 1989, Saxony was under the control of East Germany before the nation’s unification.

The state was broken up into smaller units during Communist rule after the Second World War.

Discontent in Saxony is the latest sign of growing anger in Germany with Mrs Merkel coming under increasing fire for her open-door immigration policy.

Recent weeks has seen growing support for the right-wing AfD party ahead of next year’s election.

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