DEATH DRONES: China building cruise missiles powered by killer artificial intelligence

Terrifying new ‘fire and forget’ weapons will use robotic technology to steer themselves toward a target

China is developing a new range of killer cruise missiles fitted with technology which will effectively turn them into killer robots.

Dubbed “death drones”, the missiles will use artificial intelligence (AI) to guide themselves in flight and potentially even choose new targets.

Wang Changqing, director of the General Design Department of the Third Academy of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, told China Daily that his country was leading the world in the development of AI weapons.

He said: “We plan to adopt a ‘plug and play’ approach in the development of new cruise missiles, which will enable our military commanders to tailor-make missiles in accordance with combat conditions and their specific requirements.

“Moreover, our future cruise missiles will have a very high level of artificial intelligence and automation.

The new missiles will be modular, which means engineers can quickly change the payload to ramp up the weapon’s destructiveness or pack it with more fuel so it can strike distant targets.

Full article: DEATH DRONES: China building cruise missiles powered by killer artificial intelligence (The Sun)

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