EU is ‘bending rules’ as Spain and Portugal escape fines now Poland faces sanctions

Going against the insane immigration policies of Germany and Brussels is costly.


CRACKS in the EU were deepening today as it emerged fines against favoured nations were being scrapped while other countries were expected to stump up punitive sums after slipping into debt.

Last week German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, is reported to have lobbied several commissioners not to impose fines of 0.2 per cent of GDP on Spain and Portugal after they failed to reduce their fiscal deficit to 3 per cent GDP.

Spain’s deficit stood at 5.1 percent last year and Portugal’s at 4.4 percent, and under Union rules both nations have failed to take “effective action” to bring them down.

Daniel Gros policy director of the Centre for European Policy Studies said: “When the economic governance mechanisms were revised, it was decided to tighten the rules against excessive deficits, empowering the Commission with the right to propose fines of up to 0.2% of GDP on any Member State that had failed in its obligation to reduce its fiscal deficit.”

“Portugal and Spain had clearly not done so last year.”

“But on July 27th, the Commission decided to ‘cancel’ the fine against both countries.”

“This was a surprise, especially in the case of Spain.”

“The message is thus clear: rules can be bent when it is politically convenient.”

Now as Britain gets set to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty in a bid to parachute out – the EU has signalled they are set to invoke ‘Article 7’ which could place serious sanctions on Warsaw.

Frans Timmermans, the Commission’s first vice president, says that dialogue is now opening that could see Brussels clamp down on Poland for actions “that may violate the Union’s democratic principles.”

The country made changes to the law to allow Constitutional Tribunals which caused a storm of protests on the streets last year.

Now they’re being placed under a “preliminary assessment” in order to “clarify the facts in an objective way” and “start a dialogue with Polish authorities without prejudging any next steps.”

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