Europe on the Brink of Complete Chaos?


There are so many incidents with the refugee crisis in Europe that the blog could be filled with that subject alone. Even the press in Germany is starting to shift after countless incidents from knife attacks to a gang beating and robbing British tourists in the same square in Cologne, Germany. Not to mention the media’s failure to report things like the attack on women in Cologne and the protest in Frankfurt during the opening of the ECB that set the city on fire.

Up until now, the common view of the German press has been that it is THEM against the PEOPLE, because they are protecting Merkel at every corner. News blackouts have been the name of the game to the point that the people view the press as just an arm of government. Attacks by refugees are widening from France to other nations including Ireland.

It is as if the fate of the world could easily spiral downward now. All it will take is perhaps a flood of knife attacks throughout Europe to divide the people squarely against the refugees. Meanwhile, tourism is collapsing in Europe, not to mention Turkey. This will have a further deflationary impact upon the economic data that will be published by year-end.

Full article: Europe on the Brink of Complete Chaos? (Armstrong Economics)

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