EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Hackers Sold Delta Airline Vulnerabilities On Black Market


In this screenshot, cybercriminals advertise vulnerabilities in the computer systems of major airlines on an online black market on Jan. 3, 2016. (Screenshot courtesy of Ed Alexander)



One of several airlines cyberexpert says hacked by Chinese military group

Computer systems of Delta Airlines have suffered a “glitch” that is causing flight delays on the airline globally. While the cause of the delays is still unclear, a group of cyber criminals was recently selling vulnerabilities to major airlines on the black market.

On Jan. 3, cybercriminals on a darknet black market run by Chinese state hackers published an advertisement for information and vulnerabilities in a long list of major airlines that included Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Japan Airlines, FedEx, and others.

The advertisement was under the “Air Attacks Infrastructure” category under the premium section of the online black market run by hackers who call themselves “Babylon APT.” The darknet is a large section of the Internet only accessible using specialized software, and while it has many benign uses it is also home to several black markets.

The Babylon APT marketplace is run by Chinese military hackers who use it to resell information and access to critical networks after finishing contract cyberattacks under the Chinese regime. The hackers also offer mercenary cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, businesses, or personal networks. Their clients include foreign governments and organized gangs of cybercriminals.

Full article: EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Hackers Sold Delta Airline Vulnerabilities On Black Market (The Epoch Times)

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