ALERT: Conspiracy Theorists, you’re being lied to

The DOD (Department of Defense) is the largest single employer in the world, at 3.2 Million.  As a percentage of any large corporation, some of their funding goes into marketing.  But, after World War 2, think tanks advised the DOD to change its name from the “Department of War” to the “Department of Defense” – this is today common corporate branding advice.  War has so many bad connotations (like killing, destroying, maming, polluting, etc.); defense is so much more noble.  The DOD is defending the homeland from invaders (although, no one ever ‘invaded’ the United States except the Canadians once, but DOD isn’t drafting any plans to invade Canada).  

Due to recent revelations, this is no longer ‘conspiracy theory’ it’s a public fact.  From the Guardian US spy operation that manipulates social media:

This is just one tool.  As we saw from the Snowden leak, there are hundreds of tools, and they’ve funded research to develop more.  As the leaks are ‘behind’ the information curve, what they are using now, is probably 3 or 4 generations ahead of what’s public.

So, the internet is a big place, so big in fact that George Bush referred to it in plural; the internets.  Was it a joke?  Or Bush knew, there are really 2 internets; one seen by the public, and another, managed by the Elite.

The internet was created by the DOD, as a communications network.  The DOD doesn’t use the ‘internet’ as people think, they have their own network called SIPRNet, you can read about it here.

Here’s a list of twisted facts (lies) the Elite have promulaged online to distract the massses from the ‘real’ issues:

 1 ) The housing crisis was designed to steal real property from poor homeowners that didn’t understand chain of title, including the use of some UPPER CASE CHARACTERS and other ‘tricks’ that the banks somehow ‘manipulated’ people out of their homes.


There were NO CASES where large banks stole houses from people by twisted contract law.  There are however MANY cases where PEOPLE stole equity from banks by not paying their mortgage and winning their cases by nuance-perseverance (such as by claiming squatters rights, not understanding mortgage contract law, or counter suing under false pretenses).  In reality, people who paid their mortgages kept their houses.  The only people who were ‘kicked out’ from their homes were sub-prime borrowers who couldn’t pay.  Although it’s always sad to see a family removed from their ‘family’ home, it was their agreement to engage in a mortgage contract with the bank.  The banks certainly were too loose with their policies and gave loans to anyone with a pulse (such as NINJA loans) but that’s not illegal, they didn’t force anyone to take loans – it was the PEOPLE’s fault and choice to borrow money for a house they couldn’t afford.  No one who paid cash for their home or paid their mortgage on time ‘lost their home’ due to ‘bank errors.’  The Elite’s manipulation in this case is so subtle, they without knowing it were banking on people not understanding basic finance and math.  But, it was convenient to make banks ‘the enemy’ as if banks are somehow leeches stealing people’s homes.  You didn’t see people complaining before the crash when they were using their homes like ATMS and ‘flipping’ 2nd and 3rd homes for a huge profit during the boom.


The fraud was highly exaggerated.  There was fraud; arguably one of the largest being that of Trevor Cook, who raked in nearly $200 Million based on complete lies.  This is a great article about the trader who went undercover to blow it up.  There were others.  But there were also cases where traders simply lost money, and are facing long prison sentences.  Losing money trading, and stealing by means of deceipt, are 2 totally completely different things!  Mutual fund managers who have a bad year don’t go to prison for the rest of their lives.  But it was a Forex witch hunt, and investors felt they had a means of recovering their money, so many ‘normal’ Forex traders and companies were punished.  Also, the draconian “Dodd Frank” rules DO NOT mitigate any of these issues.  For example, the ponzi schemes that were toxic, it would be possible to do them today with the rules if anything, even easier.  Because now a ponzi scammer could use the rules as a story, and so you need to wire lots of money to this ‘offshore’ account.  The accounting fraud CTAs were accused of doing (by opening long and short positions in the same account) – would simply take a different form today.  The reduced leverage, doesn’t change a thing, except that it forces many retail Forex traders who want to use leverage to seek out half shady questionable ‘offshore’ brokers in domiciles which are not regulated and are highly suspicious, putting them at risk.  In fact the practicality of the rules, as their stated intention, the resultant effect is the opposite.  The rules killed legitimate Forex, as well put any remaining retail customer funds at much bigger risk.

3) US Government agencies such as FEMA and others are planning end of days scenarios where an ‘event’ will knock 99% off the grid and thus putting us back in the stone age, at which point well armed USG agents will emerge from bunkers and recreate a Elite / slave society


Full article: ALERT: Conspiracy Theorists, you’re being lied to (Zero Hedge)

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