Can Hackers Break into U.S. Voting Machines?

Recent attacks on American computer systems have raised concerns that electronic voting machines could be future targets.

Emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently appeared on the WikiLeaks website. The emails showed that Democratic Party leaders failed to be neutral during the party’s presidential nomination process. They worked against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who battled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the nomination. She was officially nominated last month.

Richard Forno is a computer expert and director of the University of Maryland’s Center for Cybersecurity. He said the political response to the hacked DNC emails will lead to more attacks designed to influence the U.S. elections.

“Interfering with the electoral and political process of countries is a classic tool of intelligence and foreign policy,” said Forno. He made the comment on the program “HashtagVOA.”

The Brennan Center for Justice reported last year that 43 of the 50 American states will use voting machines thought to be 10 or more years old. It said these older machines are more at risk for “serious security and reliability” problems.

Last month, Illinois officials reported that the state’s voter registration system was attacked. It forced the temporary shutdown of the system.

On Wednesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he might make election equipment part of what the government calls “critical infrastructure.”

The Republican Party’s candidate for president, Donald Trump, has raised concerns about whether voting in the November elections will be fair. He spoke to the Washington Post newspaper earlier this week.

“If the election is rigged, I would not be surprised,” Trump said. The businessman expressed concern after courts in five states overturned state laws that required voters to show identification or proof of citizenship.

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