Trump: Could He Really Prevent Anything?


As you have stressed many times, your Socrates computer system has hundreds of years of data. The US political system has hundreds of years of momentum (or perhaps inertia) behind it. Do you think Donald Trump can really change where we are headed, IF he were elected President?

ANSWER: No. What he can do is perhaps pave the way to change what is coming, which is a new form of government. Career politicians are causing us to suffer. Perhaps he will be able to highlight that problem and there may be more of a confrontation with members of Congress. He would tend to have no problem exposing them and what is really going on.

He cannot prevent the crash and burn. Nobody can do that. Perhaps he can highlight the real problem. Moreover, he might be less likely to just sign whatever they put in front of him as they do with career politicians.

We are headed toward a complete political change. That is unquestionable. So I would look at Trump more so as assisting the change that is already coming about.

Full article: Trump: Could He Really Prevent Anything? (Armstrong Economics)

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