US National Intelligence Chief: Russia Could ‘Drive Wedge’ Between Turkey, NATO

As the United States suicides itself into the dustbin of history, the Turks would indeed enjoy the safeguards of the Sino-Soviet axis over the American-NATO umbrella protectorate. He’s also late to the party in realizing that Russia has already driven a wedge between NATO and Turkey.


US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claims that Russia may use the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in Turkey to come between Turkey and its NATO allies.

“I think Putin, being the opportunist that he is, if he can see a way to drive a wedge between Turkey and the west, specifically Turkey and NATO, he will,” Clapper stated at the Aspen Security Forum.

However, Clapper went on to say that such a strategy would not work because Turkey enjoys the safeguards and protections provided by the NATO alliance.

“I think the Russians will resume Russian tourism to Turkey and many of the economic levers that the Russians exerted will be turned off,” Clapper added.

Full article: US National Intelligence Chief: Russia Could ‘Drive Wedge’ Between Turkey, NATO (Sputnik News)

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