World War 3 Imminent: Russia Could Declare War ‘Overnight’ With ‘No Warning Time’ For NATO

If you’ve been reading Global Geopolitics for a while, you’d know how far the ‘mainstream media’ is behind on catching red flags, so you will have already heard the warning from one of Putin’s henchmen describing how they will carpet bomb everything until they reach Poland:

“We have to strike Poland and the Baltic States, where there are NATO rockets and aircraft. Since we cannot allow one plane to take off and strike Russia – we will have to strike first – half an hour before takeoff. And to be sure, we will be carpet bombing.  America is not a threat, but the small midget states of Europe will cease to exist. They will be wiped out. Then NATO will have to beg us for negotiations. Otherwise we will give them again a May ’45.”

– Vladimir Zhirinovsky, August 2014 (Television interview, 8.08.2014.)

World War 3 mobilization Russian tanks


World War 3 is the hobgoblin of the modern military world, what with wars and civil wars and proxy wars springing up all over the globe. But a think tank is now warning the West to be wary of Russia and its military build-up and increased maneuverings and war exercises, for, according to them, they could actually disguise troop and materiel movement that would be the vanguard of a sweeping invasion that NATO and the Western powers might not be able to stop or contain.

The Daily Star reported July 24 that the Atlantic Council, an international affairs think tank headquartered in Washington, DC, issued its latest dispatch on the state of potential military weaknesses with regard to Russia, finding that the world’s largest nation (land-wise) could easily mount a quick and efficient attack in eastern Europe and, in effect, declare war “overnight” and take over the Baltic states before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could mount anything close to an effective defense. It would be a military action that could very well lead to World War 3.

According to authors Sir Richard Shirreff, a British general, and Maciej Olex-Szczytowski, the former special adviser to Poland’s foreign minister, Russia could cut off the Baltic states in a lightning-quick attack that could very well catch NATO and its member nations completely off-guard. Such a move would then place intense pressure on the autonomy of Poland and other NATO nations along the Russian border. The duo warns that “the West misunderstands Russia, assuming that it will obey the rules even if we are not willing to enforce them.”

The report pointed to Russia’s increased militarization and its increase in training exercises, not to mention the recent deployment of Russian nuclear missile launchers in a convoy to travel from Russia’s European border to the Mongolian border (per Russia Today), as the perfect cover opportunity for a Russian surprise invasion of nations like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. (It is believed that, like the Ukraine, Russia still covets the idea of restoring the power of Russia to its former glory — that of its greatest territorial expanse when it was part of the Soviet Union.)

It would be easy for President Vladimir Putin to send Russia’s military into the Baltic states quickly using military exercises as a guise until the invasion was implemented. “Turning one of these exercises into an operation against one or several of the Baltic states would give very little or no early warning time for NATO,” the report warned.

According to the report, the re-annexation of the Baltic states could have “potentially devastating implications for eastern Poland and fatal consequences to the Alliance [NATO].” Such a maneuver on Russia’s western border could force NATO to either allow the takeover, which would abrogate the validity of the NATO mutual pact alliance or push the organization to retaliate against Russia in a war that could easily escalate, experts fear, into World War 3.

Besides, why worry about a possible attack by Russia on the Baltic states when the end of the world is as close as the next magnetic polar shift?

Full article: World War 3 Imminent: Russia Could Declare War ‘Overnight’ With ‘No Warning Time’ For NATO (Inquisitr)

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