Russia bombs CIA base in Syria

On June 16th, Russian warplanes bombed a secret military base in Syria used by U.S. and British special forces, killing at least four members of ISIS.

Nearly a day before the strike, 20 of 24 British special forces pulled out of the CIA linked base.

The warplane dropped a cluster bomb, according to U.S. and rebel officials, which immediately prompted U.S. central command air operations center in Qatar to call Russia’s air campaign headquarters in Latakia, Syria to inform the Russian’s that the base shouldn’t be attacked.

The Russian forces ignored the request, and stuck the base again nearly 90 minutes later, even as the Russian pilots were being unsuccessfully hailed by the U.S., on frequencies the two sides had previously agreed to use in case of an emergency.

In the conversation prior to the strike, Russian officials told the Pentagon that the military thought it was an ISIS facility. The U.S. officials rejected the notion, citing the “unique way the base was fortified” as proof it was a NATO run outpost.

The Russian’s later told the U.S. that their headquarters “wasn’t in position to call off the strike” because the U.S. didn’t provide them with the proper coordinates of the base.

When asked, U.S. officials said that the Pentagon had never asked the Russians to steer clear of that area because it wasn’t close to the front lines and Russian aircraft didn’t operate in that part of Syria anyway.

Full article: Russia bombs CIA base in Syria (TruNews)

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