EU Policing Agency Warns of Increased Risk of ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorist Attacks

Over 150 people killed by terrorist attacks across Europe in 2015

Europe is facing an increasing risk of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks that have become a “favored tactic” for jihadist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda, the continent’s policing agency warned in a report Wednesday.

Europol said the recent attacks in France and Germany have highlighted how difficult it is for authorities to detect and disrupt lone actor attacks.

Europol noted that ISIS and al Qaeda have repeatedly urged Muslims living in the West to carry out lone wolf attacks where they are living.

“[ISIS] leadership has defined that there are two options for Muslims living in the West: either migrate to Islamic State territory or carry out a terrorist attack in their places of residence,” the report says, noting that al Qaeda considers lone attacks “a strategic tool at their disposal.”

Full article: EU Policing Agency Warns of Increased Risk of ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorist Attacks (Washington Free Beacon)

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