Ex-CIA Director Woolsey: “The Administration Cannot Keep Its Mouth Shut” on War Effort

“Military operations require secrecy,” former CIA Director James Woolsey told Fox News in a recent interview. He criticized the Obama administration for telling the world — and Islamic jihadists — what it plans to do.

“The administration cannot keep its mouth shut on these things,” Woolsey said on Friday. “Had they been in power during World War II, they probably would have made speeches about how well we were doing breaking the Japanese codes. I have no idea why they do this sort of thing, unless they care more about the public relations than they do about winning the war.

“And that is a very serious charge indeed. I’m not making it here, but it is certainly something that you have to start thinking about, when you see everything getting disclosed.

“Military operations require secrecy now. After the fact, they’re supposed to be — you ought to be able to learn what happened, but during the lead-up and the execution of something, they ought to keep their mouth shut in the White House.”

Woolsey, who served as Bill Clinton’s CIA director from 1993-95,  told Fox News it’s best to keep war plans quiet until the goal has been achieved:

“Well, Churchill once said that, in war, truth is so important, it must always be protected by a bodyguard of lies. And Sun Tzu would have said the same thing, the granddaddy strategist of them all, which is deceive, deceive, deceive if you want to win.

“Now, if you care more about the public relations than about winning, you will tell everybody what you`re going to do, and it will be very straightforward and they will say, oh, isn`t that interesting, and then go on to something else.

“But the people who really matter, the commanders and so forth on the other side, will say, ‘Ah, thank you very much for telling me what you’re going to do.'”

Full article: Ex-CIA Director Woolsey: “The Administration Cannot Keep Its Mouth Shut” on War Effort (Family Security Matters)

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