This French terrorism expert says his country is just waking up to its terrorism problem


Alain Bauer, a security advisor to the French government who helped New York City set up its counterterrorism unit after Sept. 11, 2011, told Circa just days before the gruesome attack in the south of France that the French are only just waking up to the real terror threat.”

“People are scared and they don’t move they don’t get out of their house,” he said, adding that intelligence is not enough can stop future attacks.

Today, law enforcement officials in France are grappling with a growing list of people to watch amid a system that was recently shown to have poor coordination among intelligence agencies.

Nice and its neighboring city of Cannes, famous for its film festival, was known to authorities as a center for terror activity even before Thursday’s attack.  The notorious “Cannes-Torcy cell” –which was planning numerous attacks, including against soldiers in the south of France, and had ties to Syrian jihadists, was branded by counter-terrorism officials as the most dangerous jihadist group in France when it was dismantled in late 2012.

And intelligence services knew all the attackers at the deadly Bataclan theater attack in November and the Charlie Hebdo attack last January, according to a recent government report.

“Whatever happened in terrorism for the last 16 years, every attack, every terrorist was not only known, some of them were even famous. We knew everything about almost every time, every day, every act, every possibility. We did not understand what we knew, this is why we failed,” said Bauer.

“After any attack, when you look at what you knew about the attacker, you’re very surprised.  Why didn’t we watch this guy.”

Full article: This French terrorism expert says his country is just waking up to its terrorism problem (circa)

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