Turkey hints at normalization of ties with Syria

After making the switch from buying NATO weapons to Chinese ones (see also HERE) and apologizing to Putin for shooting down one of his planes, we now see Turkey making another move toward its already anti-western stance. The final blow and nail in the coffin in regards to Turkey going to the ‘dark side’ is it leaving NATO and withdrawing any want of joining the EU, or perhaps, just either one. It’s clear they have disdain for the West.


ISTANBUL — Turkey’s prime minister suggested on Wednesday his country wants to normalize ties with Syria in what would mark an about-turn in policy amid a broad diplomatic offensive.

Binali Yildirim said in a televised address Wednesday that Turkey is expanding its circle of friends, adding: “I am sure that we will return (our) ties with Syria to normal. We need it.”

The statement follows the restoration of diplomatic ties with Russia and Israel. Ankara cut ties with Syrian President Bashar Assad after a popular uprising erupted in 2011. Over 250,000 people have been killed in the five-year civil war that ensued, with international observers and rights groups charging the Assad regime with war crimes during the conflict. The war has also created a political vacuum in which jihadist groups like the Islamic State have flourished.

The Turkish government has consistently cast the departure of Assad, who enjoys the backing of Iran and Russia, as necessary for a successful political resolution to the conflict in Syria.

Full article: Turkey hints at normalization of ties with Syria (The Times of Israel)

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