Russian Messages To The U.S. For The Fourth Of July

Statue of Liberty collapses into the sea, while planes resembling Russian Su-34 and Su-35 fly above it. A carrier called Democracy” is also about to sink. |, July 4, 2016


Russia As An “Equal Partner” To The U.S.; Not A Regional Power

On July 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message to U.S. President Barack Obama with Independence Day greetings. In it, Putin noted that the U.S. should consider Russia an “equal partner”; this appeared to underscore to the U.S. that Russia is not a “regional power,” as Obama called it in 2014.[1] The message stated: “The history of Russian-American relations shows that when we act as equal partners and respect each other’s lawful interests, we are able to successfully resolve the most complex international issues for the benefit of both countries’ peoples and all of humanity.”[2]

Comparing U.S. Independence From Great Britain To Crimea’s Independence From Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin Youth Movement To U.S.: “Independence – Keep Yours, Don’t Touch That Of Others!”

The Young Guard, the youth movement of the ruling political party United Russia, held at the Novopushkinsky park in Moscow a July 4 exhibition featuring photos of leaders of countries whose policies the U.S. opposed – including the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, the late Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and the late Serbian and Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic. The exhibition also featured quotes by President Obama stressing the importance of coexistence. The exhibition was aimed at stressing that although the U.S. talks about human values and independence, it destroys them in other countries to serve its own interests. At the center of the exhibition was a poster addressed to the U.S.: “Independence – Keep Yours, Don’t Touch That Of Others!”[4]

Russian Politicians Snub U.S. Ambassador’s Independence Day Reception

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