Russia may test-fire its most powerful ballistic missile Sarmat near Hawaii

Overcoming the U.S. missile defense system shouldn’t be a problem when it’s so flawed and failing tests.


Russia has started large-scale preparations for flight tests of the new “Sarmat” heavy intercontinental ballistic missile which is set to join the service by 2018. The former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Viktor Esin, said that the missile will replace the most powerful RS-20V Voevoda (according to NATO classification – SS-18 Satan)ballistic complexes.

“These missiles have been in service for more than 25 years, with each of them able to deliver ten megaton nuclear warheads at a distance of more than 11,000 kilometers, guaranteeing inevitable retaliation in the event of aggression against Russia,” news website Izvestia reported Esin as saying.

The main requirement of the prospective missile is to improve power performance, for example, to overcome the existing and prospective US missile defense system, the expert explained.

“The improved power should allow strikes on targets not only across the North but also the South Pole. Thus the launch range should increase significantly compared to its predecessor. In addition, the improved power characteristics should enable the missile to overcome any anti-missile systems.”

Full article: Russia may test-fire its most powerful ballistic missile Sarmat near Hawaii (Spacewar)

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