TRUNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Orlando’s Walt Disney World may be target for July 4 terrorist attack

Stay safe on the Fourth of July… no matter where you go.


VERO BEACH, FL – (TRUNEWS) Orlando’s Walt Disney World may be the target of an Islamic terrorist attack on July 4. The stunning plot is allegedly financed by a man in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) identified as “Dr. Rice.” He is also referred to as “the Sheikh.”

According to emails to city and federal officials, the UAE man offered $25 million to a former law enforcement investigator in the United States to organize the operation.

The informant contacted a Florida-based private investigator who identified himself in an email as a “former FBI operative.” The informant is also a private investigator. TRUNEWS has verified the names and the current professional employment of both men as private investigators in Florida.

The informant contacted the private investigator on May 29, 2016. The date stamp on the email was 4:23 PM. The subject line said: “like to have you in this game.”
The email text stated:

“I have recently and inadvertently come into contact with an individual who purports to be located in the UAE. I have gotten a total of 4 telephone calls from him and a boatload of whatsapp text from an associate of his of which I’ve saved all the call I.D. notations and text. This man carries a thick Indian accent. He has admitted to financing the Manchester United football stadium bombing in the U.K.”

The informant said the UAE man called him on May 18 at 2:10 PM and offered a large amount of U.S. dollars to “do some major damage here in central Florida.” The informant also said “he wants it done on the 4th of July and tells that he has 3 operatives already paid if I am not interested.”

The private investigator immediately passed on the information to an agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The email from the investigator to an FBI agent was dated May 29, 2016. Additionally, the private investigator sent the warning to Geraldo Rivera at Fox News, Keith Landry at Fox TV, and Pilar Melendez at CNN. TRUNEWS could not find any evidence that Fox News, Fox TV, or CNN ever publicly reported the threat to strike Walt Disney World (WDW) on July 4.

TRUNEWS obtained the email and subsequent correspondence to Orlando, Orange County, and FBI officials directly from the main website of the Orlando city government. The trove of emails was stored in an unprotected folder without any encryption. No hacking was necessary since the folder was available to anybody who searched the city’s website. TRUNEWS investigative journalists stumbled onto the folder while searching the city’s website for information related to the shooting spree at the Pulse nightclub on June 12.

TRUNEWS is withholding publication of the names, titles, locations, telephone numbers, and email addresses of U.S. law enforcement officials and both informants named in the emails. Some of the emails contain the email addresses of CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey.

The private investigator replied to the U.S.-based informant at 9:22 PM on May 29, 2016. He asked the informant:

“So, do you want me to work with you investigating the threats or help get you full immunity from the United States Government, with pay, protection, and all necessary immunity documents to protect you and me, in return for all the information you have and possibly infiltrating said persons and arrest those responsible? You know this sounds crazy what you have written, but it is my job and I have chased down crazier hounds and have gotten great results. Every threat is a threat.”

The informant told the private investigator that the terrorist financier told him that “most times secret accounts are set up in Dubai and the money just transferred into those accounts for the terrorist payments.” He also said the phone call came from “the lab hardline where Dr. Rice who was ultimately referred to as the ‘Sheikh’ offered me 25 million USD to take out Disney.”

According to the informant, the “Sheikh” warned him that if he backs out or fails to carry out the strike against Disney World, “I can look over my shoulder for life waiting to die.”

He also told the private investigator, “The ‘Sheikh’ told me he has 3 WDW employees already paid to do the job if I decide not to and they know of the consequences of their failure. The act is to be completed soon but not within the week my text told me.” WDW refers to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

The informant also mentioned that he thought the threat was credible based on “how the money is brought in paper worldwide.”

TRUNEWS traced the UAE telephone number to a businessman in Dubai who owns a chemical company that appears to be involved in international money laundering. The company promotes itself as “certified experts in cleaning black money (black dollars, euros, pounds) acquired through lottery award winning, security companies, loans, investment funds, charity organizations, and next of kin with SSD Chemical Solution Automatic, Activation powder, mercury powder and other SSD chemicals.”

TRUNEWS also identified the name of the owner, the company’s name, and street address in Dubai. The company is also a “major SSD chemical manufacturer in India.” As a chemical manufacturer, it is possible that “the Sheikh’s” nickname “Dr. Rice” may refer to his ability to manufacture ricin. Ricin is a poison naturally found in castor beans, and has been identified as a potential bioweapon. Ricin is extremely toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and injection. Ingestion of ricin causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, gastric hemorrhaging, and shock.

The informant emailed the private investigator on June 12 to notify him that an FBI agent finally visited his home in Florida “almost 2 weeks after you gave them the information and 1 day before the Orlando attack happened.”

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