Russian Military Industry Set to Become Driver of Civilian Economy

Russian war preparations have now been shifted into high gear.

As you may recall from a previous post, the Russian lying game is a game the Russians play well, and it’s in play now as they mentioned plans to make the military industrial complex the main driver of the Russian economy.

To put this in simple terms, war will now be the main business for Russia.

Workers of the JSC Uralvagonzavod assemble tanks on the production floor. In addition to its military production, the company is one of the largest scientific and industrial complexes in Russia. © Sputnik/ Sergey Mamontov


Economic analyst Dmitri Pskezin comments on the Russian government’s plans to successfully convert cutting-edge developments in Russia’s military sector to the civilian economy.

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, responsible for the development of Russia’s defense industry, announced that by 2020, the country’s military-industrial complex would become the driver of the Russian economy.

According to the official, this will become possible “only when every defense enterprise…[is] subject to the logic of parallel development in civilian industry. And not just any production, but high tech products accompanying the production of military products.”

Commenting on Deputy PM Rogozin’s comments in an article for the independent online news and analysis platform PolitRussia, Pskezin recalled that Rogozin’s statements “did not come out of the blue, but only confirmed the government’s general course.”

In a speech at the Congress of the Union of Machine Builders in April, President Vladimir Putin spoke in similar terms. Pointing out that “labor productivity in the defense sector had tripled,” Putin advised military enterprises to think about the prospects for conversion of their output ahead of time.

“The peak load of the state defense order within the military industrial complex will occur next year, and then gradually begin to decline. I expect that defense companies will use the accumulated potential for conversion and diversification of their production,” Putin said.

In reality, the journalist suggested, “blaming the budget deficit is completely pointless. Moreover, the reorientation of the defense industry to civilian production is not the result of any campaigning; the process itself is going along according to plans developed a long time ago.”

“First off, in December 2010, the president signed the since-implemented State Armaments Program for 2011-2020. Its framework included the modernization of the army and its equipment with the latest weaponry. All this took place long before the aggravation of the international situation, and the Western countries’ attempts to affect us economically through sanctions and by military means (through bringing NATO forces directly onto Russian borders).”

Full article: Russian Military Industry Set to Become Driver of Civilian Economy (Sputnik News)

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