‘F— America!’ Muslim woman makes terror threats at LAX


‘I will make sure we bomb America. You have no idea what’s happening

Just one day after 49 people were murdered in an Islamic terror attack at a “gay” nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a Muslim woman at Los Angeles International Airport was caught on video making terrorist threats against the U.S. and blasting homosexuals.

On June 14, video journalist Tony Vera recorded an interview with the self-professed worshiper of Allah who had just been searched and released by police outside LAX.

When Vera wished the woman a safe flight, she responded: “I’m gonna have a safe flight, but none of you is gonna have a safe sleep. Wait and see for yourself.

As the conversation continued, the woman declared, “F— America!” as she raised both of her middle fingers to the camera.

“I will make sure we bomb America,” she continued, appearing to cite America’s support for homosexuals as justification.

“First of all there is lesbian and gay. This is not allowed.”

“We will bomb the country. … You have no idea what’s happening.”

“It’s not my time, it’s God’s time. And he’s gonna tear the sh– out of all of you Americans. You will see!” she explained.

As Vera brought up the actions of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, the woman explained: “He’s not a terrorist. He’s Muslim, so they tack the name terrorist [on him] just because he’s Muslim.

“Yeah, but he killed 50 people,” Vera countered.

“Of course!” the woman exclaimed. “Because whatever they’re doing is not right. Gay is not allowed in both [holy books]. Where in your Bible – you think I didn’t read the Bible? Bring the Bible and if it says that gay is allowed, then I will agree to it and I will become gay right now. Gay is not allowed. Lesbian is not allowed.”

Full article: ‘F— America!’ Muslim woman makes terror threats at LAX (WND)

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