Venezuela One Step Closer To Referendum To Vote Out President Nicolas Maduro… Hunger Still Looms

On Friday, Venezuelan opposition announced its victory in gathering enough petition signatures to approve referendum that could overturn the decision to elect President Nicolas Maduro, according to a release by the Havana Times. After a week of validating signatures, opposition leader, Henrique Capriles reported that the opposition, which required almost 196,000 votes or one percent electoral rolls in each of the 24 regions to call for the referendum, exceeded the goal with a total of 409,313 voters.

“The national validation total, despite the obstacles and the excluded, is 409,313 signatures. The recall vote will be in 2016.”

In Venezuela, citizens rely on fingerprinting for validation. As of Friday, thousands gave their fingerprints to electoral authorities to help with progression towarsd [sic] a recall vote against their President. Capriles stated that a large portion of over 1.35 million voters that signed the petition did not validate their signatures because the opposition had already reached the minimum requirement.

“Despite all the obstacles and everything that happened and all the people left outside still waiting, we more than doubled the figure required by the National Electoral Council (CNE)…This is what those of us who want a peaceful, democratic and electoral change in Venezuela have to deal with. Nevertheless, we overcame the obstacles [put forth by the CNE]…We decided to move forward despite all this because we do not fear the people. We know we have the strength to move forward. More than twice the required signatures were achieved in all states. The figure achieved is well above what is required.”

The CNE is now tasked to formalize the numbers and authorize the new collection of signatures within 20 days. This second pettition phase requires four million, or 20 percent of the regions’ registered voters to sign in favor of the referendum.

“Twenty percent are four million signatures across the country. In the 20 percent there is no possibility to exclude anyone because it is direct with the machine,” Capriles said regarding the country’s validation via machines that capture fingerprints.

“This has been a huge popular victory. We surpassed one percent throughout Venezuela, and the extras were a strategic reserve for the validation of signatures.”

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