European Union off to Emergency Room


You said that the European Union would end up collapsing as well as the free movement. Is this all happening so fast they cannot stop anything?

ANSWER: Yes. This is why we planned this year’s conference in Orlando. It might be a little too crazy in Europe by November plus it was being placed on the caution list for travelers by the US State Department. The Shengen Agreement will fall thanks to Merkel and her opening the doors to the “refugees” (economic migrants) of which 65% are young males who cannot work since they do not read, write, or speak any European language. Additionally, less than 40% are even real refugees from Syria.

When things like this collapse, it is very rapid. It looks like 2018 for monetary reform is on track. We will look at that this year in detail. We laid out in the BREXIT report that it would be opposite. The EU needed Britain – Britain did not need the EU. The markets will flip when the majority realize the crisis is not in Britain.

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