Runway reopened at Russian airbase in Syria

Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery showing that the runway closure markings at Humaymim Air Base have been removed and that dark grey Su-34 aircraft have been replaced by ones with the blue camouflage scheme. (CNES 2016, Distribution Airbus DS /2016 IHS)

The closure markings on one of the two runways at the main Russian airbase in Syria have been removed, Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery shows.

Large ‘X’ markings of the type used to warn pilots not to land appeared at either end of the western runway at Humaymim Air Base between 29 March and 7 April, implying it had been closed, possibly because it had been damaged by heavy usage since Russia deployed its air wing to the base in September 2015. Satellite imagery taken on 31 May shows the markings had been removed by that date, but there was no indication of repair work being carried out on the runway.

Full article: Runway reopened at Russian airbase in Syria (IHS Jane’s 360)

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