Germany’s Russia Ombudsman Warns of NATO-Moscow War

Germany has warned that the parallel military activity of NATO members and Russia towards their respective borders could lead to war, public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported Thursday.

Speaking to local media, Berlin’s representative on Russia at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Gernot Erler, who is a member of the junior partner of Germany’s coalition government, warned a military buildup could cause “an uncontrollable situation, to the point of war.”

NATO is currently preparing for a massive summit in Poland next month, during which it will announce details of its eastern reinforcement, in response to increased Russian military activity. Two years ago, NATO allies announced limited measures for eastern European allies after Russia’s annexation of Crimea; however, concern among eastern, particularly Baltic allies, has not subsided.

NATO Lieutenant General Ben Hodges told the BBC last week that the alliance cannot match Russia’s speed should Moscow launch an assault on the Baltics.

Full article: Germany’s Russia Ombudsman Warns of NATO-Moscow War (Newsweek)

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